Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Give me the islands of the upper air, all mountains and the towering mountain trees." ~ Hilda Doolittle

On our return trip home from Florida, we plotted our route to take us through two destinations we have never been to before - Asheville, NC and the Blue Ridge Mountains - wonderful on both counts.

It had been our intention to tour the Biltmore Estate while in Asheville - this had been recommended to us by a number of friends.  However - the fact that we arrived there at 1:30, the estate closed at 4:30 and that regular admission for adults is $59.00 for a one day visit - we changed our plans.  We definitely would like to do this another time - but a little planning ahead of time would have saved us money, and had us there earlier.  
Deciding to grab a late lunch (we had planned to eat at the estate), we headed into Biltmore Village, adjacent to the city of Asheville.  It was a lovely area, filled with quaint shops and restaurants, as well as more contemporary stores - without any flashy signs or advertising.  We found a wonderful little restaurant to eat in, The Corner Kitchen, a clearly popular spot.  Bruce and I each had a cup of delicious corn and crab chowder, and split a wonderful roast-beef sandwich - it all hit the spot.

We then decided to take a stroll, and low and behold, right across the street from the restaurant was a knitting shop!  Kismet!   The shop, Yarn Paradise, was one of those spots where, when you walk in the door, you are welcomed and feel right at home.  While we didn't spend long there, I enjoyed my visit.  As we were leaving, Bruce handed me a pamphlet he'd picked up titled "Fabric, Fiber, Bead Trail".  What?  My dream come true! The link below will take you to the pamphlet complete with 12 different stores and a map to them all, found in or around surrounding Asheville.  Now I know that I need to come back again!  Anyone want to join me?

Fabric, Fiber, Bead Trail 
Asheville proved to be a great city (as far as a quick overnight can tell you).  It seems like a very artsy place with a good vibe - I'm eager to go back again for a longer stay.

The following morning we resumed our trip, which took us along the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The photos below do not do it justice.  Our route took us through the mountains, but did not have many spots to pull over for picture taking.

Our travels and stops along the way, made for a very pleasant trip home.


  1. I call shotgun for the Fabric Fiber Bead Trail! Maybe we can include the Biltmore tour. When I drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains a few years ago I remember the winding roads and low rock walls that lined some of the viewing areas. Magical.

  2. You are on! We'd have a wonderful time!

  3. Welcome home. I have always wanted to go to Asheville. Looks like a fab place!! Clarice

  4. Your posts always result in me wanting to go to these places!! Yes, welcome home!!

  5. How wonderful that you meandered your way home and had such fabulous stops along the way. I'm going to file these ideas away for my future road trip destinations. I had to chuckle about your excitement over the "Fabric, Fiber, Bead Trail". My daughter makes jewelry and collects beads. We always have to stop in bead stores when traveling and she gets so tickled. To have a trail of shops to follow would be too sweet.

    1. It's funny, the things that get our heart beating a bit faster! Beads and yarn do it to me every time!