Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold" ~ Opening song for Brownie troop meetings (at least it was when I was a Brownie)

Lynn, Debbie, Holly, Alicia, Billi, Chris, Abbie, Diana, Carol, Linda, Ann

If we are lucky, we all have those "golden girlfriends", friends for whom miles and years make no difference.  I recently got together with two old Texas friends - hadn't seen them in over 23 years - but within 3 minutes we were laughing and telling stories as the years just slipped away (why don't pounds work the same way?)  I swear we could have been sitting at lunch in the faculty room of Maplewood Elementary School in Austin, and the world as we know it now just hadn't happened yet.  Those are the friends of your heart - you haven't seen them in 23 years, but you cry saying goodbye after two hours.  

In a few days, I will be spending time with my former teaching partner, but forever friend, Carol.  At my retirement party in June, I mentioned teaching partners that I have had the good fortune of working with over the years - you know how lucky you are if you have one - and I mentioned Carol through my tears (and yes- there were a few).  Carol and I became the best of friends as well as colleagues.  Her husband Phil, and my husband Bruce became fast friends as well. It's just wonderful when that happens.  We have played together, traveled together, helped each other through the loss of parents, and marked the celebrations of life - graduations, weddings, and births.

Many years ago, Carol and Phil moved south.  Talk about tears!  We have gotten together several times over the years, but the distance has been an obstacle.  They have recently moved a little further north to live near family, and it brings them quite a bit closer to us - a day's drive instead of two!

Carol and I each had a magnet on the blackboard of our classrooms with this picture on it.  

We always joked that this is what we looked like on the best of days ~ there's some truth to that!  We never figured out which one of us was Lucy and which one was Ethel - I suspect that we assumed both roles at one time or another.  All I know is that I can't wait to wrap my arms around my "golden girlfriend".  It's been way too long!

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  1. Lucy & Ethel, enjoy yourselves and stay out of trouble! : )